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The flow of people from New Cultural Tourism has gone here!

The flow of people from New Cultural Tourism has gone here!

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(Summary description)

The flow of people from New Cultural Tourism has gone here!

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2021-04-06
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Since 2020, the new cultural tourism has undergone tremendous changes.
On the one hand, the huge market size has attracted giants from all walks of life; at the same time, urban "micro vacations", peripheral tours, and new cultural and tourism technology experience projects represented by holograms and night tours have become a phenomenon under the internal circulation pattern. Grade products.
On the other hand, predators and city defenders are experimenting with each other, and the mutual penetration of urban commercial sectors and new cultural tourism projects is becoming more and more obvious.
Therefore, under the coercion of the three huge waves of new people, new media, and new markets, how can this new topic of cultural tourism development be solved?
The core indicator we found is-do young people like it, and Gen Z likes it or not?
In recent years, those new business formats that have swept the entire network have been "I like" voted by young people for real money.
As a result, we found a new problem-solving idea from a manufacturing brand called "JEKEEN Dream Factory":
This is an enterprise that beautifies the city and commercial space, helps invigorate the night economy in major cities, and creates an online celebrity check-in place for cultural tourism scenic spots.
By injecting mobile business scenes into the cultural and tourism sector, chemical reactions occur quickly, and they have become the winners and losers in the development of many cultural and tourism projects in China.



If investment attraction was the theme of the past "forty years of tourism", then we have every reason to believe that today's theme has become-"inviting business and attracting passengers".

The first problem-solving step of Street View DreamWorks is to figure out where the traffic is going.

The most popular attraction on Douyin is not the natural scenery, but the "new traffic species" such as Super Wenheyou and Zhongshuge. In essence, this is a content product spawned by new media, new crowds and new markets, and is a typical "punch-in product" favored by Generation Z consumer groups.

The core is that there are scene content and commercial functions, which can generate new experiences and trigger new dissemination.

Correspondingly, the beautification of cities and commercial spaces requires "shoot, show , and spread". In fact, this is the main principle of Street View DreamWorks product design, which is called "Street View 3S Product Design Rules".

So, how does JEKEEN Dream Factory help cultural tourism projects and even urban commercial projects to attract investment through mobile business scenarios?

In Yiwu, Zhejiang, we saw some answers from JEKEEN Dream Factory:

A "Dining Truck Park" built by 21 groups of mobile shops with different shapes and customized Meichen highlights the strong style of the locomotive music culture in the park, becoming the most eye-catching check-in area in the "Night in Love with Yiwu" theme park. This mobile complex, which integrates viewing, parent-child amusement and catering consumption, took less than a month from project establishment to operation.

After the completion of the project, it has not only become a show venue for domestic and foreign musicians such as Cui Jian, Yang Kun, SUMMER K, etc., it has also been selected as the location for the popular reality show "Hahahahaha", with stars such as Huang Bo, Deng Chao, Lu Han, and Chen He Show up.

This is not the only "mobile attraction" loved by celebrities, Hainan Sanya Style Street where Ouyang Nana clocked in, Huachenyu's Huijing Mobile Tavern, Liuyan's set "mobile landscape" can see JEKEEN dreams factory everywhere. 





Of course, what  JEKEEN DREAM FACTORY wants to solve is not the drainage problem of a single scenic spot, but also homogeneity, large investment, update iteration... This is a systemic problem.

The second problem-solving step is to implement both soft and hard, high-frequency iteration.

At the beginning of its business, JEKEEN DREAM FACTORY was just a factory dedicated to the research and development of personalized mobile store manufacturing. Now it has become a number of top commercial and cultural tourism operators at home and abroad, as well as urban commerce through a one-stop integrated service from planning to manufacturing through a wide range of products. Traders and core partners of major government agencies.

The hardest part of it comes from the smart manufacturing model: the smart factory with a total area of ​​more than 120,000 square meters has achieved large-scale personalized customization through the industrial Internet, which is the hardest confidence of JEKEEN DREAM FACTORY.

Specific to the project, business travel culture, agricultural travel culture, as well as resorts, camps, health care, etc., can be customized according to functions and landscape needs. It can be quickly integrated into the project as a part, or through comprehensive planning to create a "street view town" with its own IP attributes.

For example, in Yiwu it is the "Dining Truck Park", in Yantai Shili Golden Beach is the "tourist station", and in Beijing Wangfujing, it is the "art + super block".


It is said that JEKEEN DREAM FACTORY is selling more than 300 single products, all of which are independently developed by Street View DreamWorks. At the same time, hundreds of new products are launched every year.
In the context of the epidemic, urban “micro vacations”, urban surrounding tours, and rural tourism have become phenomenal products in the past year. JEKEEN DREAM FACTORY has also strengthened the research and development of characteristic accommodation products, camp RVs, container hotels, etc. The personalized non-standard accommodation experience has also become a new hot item this year.
Internet celebrity projects also have a life cycle, and they may fall out of favor in two or three years. With mobile business scenarios, iteration is much simpler.
JEKEEN DREAM FACTORY divides their single products into five categories: mobile shops, specialty lodgings, and landscape entertainment. Smart factories carry out modular production. Finally, just like building blocks, they can quickly create many completely different texts. Brigade and business scenes.

The so-called "full case service for cultural and tourism products, 30 days to create scenes quickly", only with such a powerful intelligent manufacturing factory and advanced production mode can we have confidence.


 The "Young Genesis" of JEKEEN DREAM FACTORY


A few years ago, JEKEEN DREAM FACTORY was just a start-up company. Why did it soar in a short time to "solve problems" for cultural tourism?

In the past five years, JEKEEN has done at least a few things right:

1. People are extremely valued, and the ability to pull teams is very strong, even in the early days of entrepreneurship, they will try their best to increase talent density

JEKEEN is keen to find "great gods" in various fields to jointly plan the future of mobile commerce. Industrial design, mechanical design, urban planning, cultural tourism planning, etc., span several industries, all over the world, and use a super creative center to assist a super factory.

2. Use cutting-edge design power to ALL IN young people

Just as changes in the consumer goods industry have allowed lifestyles to reflect the characteristics of the new era, the same is true for the cultural and travel industry.

JEKEEN has established a research and development team of more than 100 people, and has gathered a large number of designers at home and abroad, and introduced a large number of cutting-edge design forces to add vitality to the mobile scene. For example, Tecnocad, which has signed a contract for many years, is a very outstanding design company in Italy.

Together with the "great gods", they are called "dream makers"-creating dreams for consumers, creating dreams for customers, and realizing dreams for themselves.


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