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Mobile business scenarios make cultural tourism one more possibility

Mobile business scenarios make cultural tourism one more possibility

Mobile business scene

Leading the global market and serving major cities on the basis of international standards, the "net celebrity street manufacturing factory" is the "JEKEEN Dream Factory" located in the Weifang Economic Development Zone (full name is Shandong JEKEEN Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.) . Now, let us explore the secrets of "Dream Factory" together.

Epidemic prevention Safety guarantee

The thermometry and disinfection integrated channel is used for disinfection of body, pet, goods and other objects in public space entrance when emergency public health events occur. It is simple, safe, intuitive and accurate to judge whether there is abnormal temperature of personnel. There is voice alarm for abnormal condition (temperature is higher than the set temperature) and it can't pass through the disinfection channel. The operation of the equipment is under intelligent control, and there is no need for special personnel to operate. The equipment uses food-grade disinfectant to ensure personal safety; automatic liquid feeding, real-time display of running state, automatic reaction of entry and exit objects, fog quantity and spray time can be adjusted; equipped with casters and handles, convenient for mobile and rapid deployment; exquisite appearance, scientific and safe in design, and convenient in recycling waste liquid,and protect the environment.

JEKEEN, business scene creator!

Everywhere is the background, the studio and the location. JEKEEN has more advantages than other scenarios in terms of its own communication attributes, making use of the existing resources to create
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