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Industry Pioneer and Leader:

JEKEEN,full name as Shandong Street Mobile Shop New EnergyTechnology Co., Ltd, is the pioneer and leader of mobile shop industry, biggest dinning car manufacturer in China.

Leading Draftsman of Industry Standards:

JEKEEN is the first draft maker of industrial standard, also lead drafter of the general technical requirements.

Industry Concept Leader:

In 2017, Street Mobile Shop proposed a new concept of "Mobile Small Business" and provided a complete package of feasible innovative mobile business solutions. In 2018, Street Mobile Shop proposed the concept of "Lightweight and Street View", which marks the rise of the IP trend of lightweight street view type.

Cultural Popularity:

The products spread throughout the country and are exported to more than 30 countries. The company, integrating
R&D, design and production, professionally provides customized mobile kitchens, mobile fruit and vegetable shops,exhibition cars, pop-up shops, etc., amounting to dozens of categories involving more than 200 types of mobile shops.

R&D Advantages:

Independent R&D ability is the core advantage of Street Mobile Shop, all R&D staffhas over two years working experience in this industry. and the number of R&D staff    accounts for more than 20% of the total employees. The R&D investment for consecutive years accounts for more than 10% of the sales revenue.

R&D Patent:

Each year, more than 100 national patents are certified and more than 20 products are launched to the market.

Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing:

Digital customized solutions are automatically generated through powerful intelligent data processing capability, and the production process is designed by intelligent data. Compared with traditional factories, the production efficiency increased by 100%,   the production capacity increased by 70%, and the percent  of first inspection pass increased by 50%.


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